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This tool is amazing. The versatility and unique design allows for so many different uses. Would be great for the automotive collision repair industry. ....

Ivy Green

ed: Wed, 18th May, 2016

Looks great! Hope the new year brings good fortune with your new product. I might just have to buy one, just cuz you're my brother...LOL!........

Latonja Davis

Added: Sat, 18th July, 2015

Outstanding tool bro, created by one of our own... I use it everyday best all round tool I have perfect in tight spots..and not priced to high...quality build........

Paul M.

Added: Sat, 18th July, 2015

Wow!!! this hornet does everything ill never use any other chip hammer again...why didnt i think of this...congrads great invent.

A.J. Sims

Added: Sat, 18th July, 2015

All I can say is wow, best chipper ever...if you don't get wanna work harder...Great Tool!!........

T. Benson CET S.D.

Added: Sat, 18th July, 2015

Have been using the hornet for few weeks im lovin it. even used it as a center punch...tapped on the solid stock wit the pointed tip down...tool worke like a dream...highly recommend..

Ced Martin

Added: Sat, 18th July, 2015

I'm a student welder...was using the old style spring handle...too short too light...the hornet is perfect...after i got one my whole class used it and bought one....get with the new its better by leap and bounds!!!..

Nate P.

Added: Sat, 1st July, 2015

Great product perfect for any welder who have the need for using multi tools for big or small projects. My husband loves this tool I have given it to him for a birthday present and I also bought one for myself to use in my survival kit. Everyone should be prepared for a disaster and purchase a tool for their kit.

Karla Meeks

Added: Sat, 8th July, 2015

I am an Event Designer and when i set up props for different events I use this particular tool in place of carring multiple tools with me. I am so pleased with the with this tool and I recommend this product. My website is

4 Queenz Kreations

Added: Sat, 2nd July, 2015

The Hornet is amazing!!! I have worked in construction for over ten years and I have never seen anything like the hornet. When I go to a job, the Hornet is always be my side

Augustine Zepeda

Added: Sat, 25th July, 2015

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